A meeting of peers…

The first thing participants were asked to do was answer some questions by phone about themselves and the types of violence a young Black man in your life, age 18 to 24, may have experienced. When eligible, they were scheduled to participate in the meeting.

Participation in a key informant meeting involved being part of a group discussion with approximately seven to nine other English speaking, Black women age 18 or older who were a mother, aunt, grandmother, sister, friend, spouse, girlfriend, or significant other of a young Black man ages 18 to 24 who had been victimized by violence. The individuals leading the discussion were also Black females. The discussions were audio recorded and notes were taken. What participants shared during the meeting were analyzed and presented in summary form. That information was used to help us create the interview questions we used with our young Black male participants, and to make changes to some of our existing study materials. Each meeting lasted about two hours and participant were paid $50 cash for their time plus parking costs.

None of your information will be shared with anyone else. Your responses will be combined with other responses and never shown individually, meaning your answers cannot be connected back to you personally.


“There’s no sympathy. You’re always on the losing end. I feel like when it comes to either police, women, or anything of that nature, black men are always at the bottom….the odds are against you… violence is more than a physical thing. It’s mental, it’s verbal.”

Annual Month of Giving

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