Why did you participate in the SURVIVE study?

I was informed about it from a friend.—Dwayne Wayne

I participated to express my feelings on why violence is so common.—Anonymous

I participated at first because of the gift being involved but later realized this would be a good opportunity for people to gather more insight on the struggles of people my age and color.—Anonymous

To give account on what happened and reflect.—KeAmone

Why do you think it’s important for other young Black males to participate in the SURVIVE study?

Black males need to [be] heard and helped with the violence that occurs around them and to them.—Dwayne Wayne

I don’t think it is important for them to participate, but I do think it’s important that you all take these responses and find a common problem and build organizations to [help] them.—Anonymous

To help people understand our lives more.—Anonymous

To express unheard emotions and thoughts.—KeAmone

What was this experience like? How did it make you feel?

It was interesting, it was a relaxed environment.—Dwayne Wayne

This experience felt like an interview about me. But it made me feel like a star. Like someone really wants to know about me?—Anonymous

The experience was heartfelt. It made me feel as though someone cared.—KeAmone

If given the chance, would you participate in the SURVIVE study again?

Yes—Dwayne Wayne

Yes I will!!!—Anonymous



Did you feel comfortable talking to the interviewer, moderator, or recruiter?

Yes.—Dwayne Wayne

Yes I did, but there were moments when I felt uncomfortable because I wanted to say some things I should not say.—Anonymous

Yes, the moderator was easy going, made me feel welcome, and didn’t judge my experiences.—Anonymous



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